FIFA World Cup 2018 schedule: Full match list, fixtures, groups, venues and kick-off Russia 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 schedule

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is here. The greatest football players on the planet will take center stage in Russia from June 14 to July 15 as nations battle for the highest prize in the game.

Hosts Russia will bring up the curtain on 2018 FIFA World Cup in Moscow when they face Saudi Arabia on Thursday, June 14 in the opening match.

There are many things to look forward to the tournament- Lionel Messi will be looking to win the only major trophy missing in his list of career achievements. Cristiano Ronaldo, on the other hand, will be looking to power Portugal, the 2016 Euro winners, to another title. Brazil will be hoping that Neymar, who is recovering from a broken foot, leads them to their sixth World Cup title.

In the early stages, Portugal vs Spain is one of the most enticing ties. It takes place on the second day of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. England and Belgium will face each other on Thursday, June 28.

The final will take place in Moscow at the Luzhniki Stadium on Sunday, July 15.

World Cup 2018
Groups Teams
Group A Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay
Group B Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran
Group C France, Australia, Peru, Denmark
Group D Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria
Group E Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia
Group F Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea
Group G Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England
Group H Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

Here’s the complete schedule of FIFA World Cup 2018:

FIFA World Cup 2018: Full Schedule
Date Match Venue Kick-off time
Thursday, June 14 Russia v Saudi Arabia (A) Moscow (Luzhniki) 9.30pm
Friday, June 15 Egypt v Uruguay (A) Ekaterinburg 6.30pm
Friday, June 15 Morocco v Iran (B) St Petersburg 9.30pm
Saturday, June 16 Portugal v Spain (B) Sochi 00.30am
Saturday, June 16 France v Australia (C) Kazan 4.30pm
Saturday, June 16 Argentina v Iceland (D) Moscow (Spartak) 7.30pm
Saturday, June 16 Peru v Denmark (C) Saransk 10.30pm
Sunday, June 17 Croatia v Nigeria (D) Kaliningrad 01.30pm
Sunday, June 17 Costa Rica v Serbia (E) Samara 6.30pm
Sunday, June 17 Germany v Mexico (F) Moscow (Luzhniki) 9.30pm
Monday, June 18 Brazil v Switzerland (E) Rostov-on-Don 00.30am
Monday, June 18 Sweden v South Korea (F) Nizhny Novgorod 6.30pm
Monday, June 18 Belgium v Panama (G) Sochi 9.30pm
Tuesday, June 19 Tunisia v England (G) Volgograd 00.30am
Tuesday, June 19 Poland v Senegal (H) Moscow (Spartak) 6.30pm
Tuesday, June 19 Colombia v Japan (H) Saransk 9.30pm
Wednesday, June 20 Russia v Egypt (A) St Petersburg 00.30am
Wednesday, June 20 Portugal v Morocco (B) Moscow (Luzhniki) 6.30pm
Wednesday, June 20 Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (A) Rostov-on-Don 9.30pm
Thursday, June 21 Iran v Spain (B) Kazan 00.30am
Thursday, June 21 France v Peru (C) Ekaterinburg 6.30pm
Thursday, June 21 Denmark v Australia (C) Samara 9.30pm
Friday, June 22 Argentina v Croatia (D) Nizhny Novgorod 00.30am
Friday, June 22 Brazil v Costa Rica (E) St Petersburg 6.30pm
Friday, June 22 Nigeria v Iceland (D) Volgograd 9.30pm
Friday, June 22 Serbia v Switzerland (E) Kaliningrad 00.30am
Saturday, June 23 Belgium v Tunisia (G) Moscow (Spartak) 6.30pm
Saturday, June 23 Germany v Sweden (F) Sochi 9.30pm
Sunday, June 24 South Korea v Mexico (F) Rostov-on-Don 00.30am
Sunday, June 24 England v Panama (G) Nizhny Novgorod 6.30pm
Sunday, June 24 Japan v Senegal (H) Ekaterinburg 9.30pm
Monday, June 25 Poland v Colombia (H) Kazan 00.30am
Monday, June 25 Uruguay v Russia (A) Samara 8.30pm
Monday, June 25 Saudi Arabia v Egypt (A) Volgograd 8.30pm
Tuesday, June 25 Spain v Morocco (B) Kaliningrad 00.30am
Tuesday, June 25 Iran v Portugal (B) Saransk 00.30am
Tuesday, June 26 Denmark v France (C) Moscow (Luzhniki) 8.30pm
Tuesday, June 26 Australia v Peru (C) Sochi 8.30pm
Wednesday, June 27 Nigeria v Argentina (D) St Petersburg 00.30am
Wednesday, June 27 Iceland v Croatia (D) Rostov-on-Don 00.30am
Wednesday, June 27 South Korea v Germany (F) Kazan 8.30pm
Wednesday, June 27 Mexico v Sweden (F) Ekaterinburg 8.30pm
Thursday, June 28 Serbia v Brazil (E) Moscow (Spartak) 00.30am
Thursday, June 28 Switzerland v Costa Rica (E) Nizhny Novgorod 00.30am
Thursday, June 28 Japan v Poland (H) Volgograd 8.30pm
Thursday, June 28 Senegal v Colombia (H) Samara 8.30pm
Friday, June 28 England v Belgium (G) Kaliningrad 00.30am
Friday, June 28 Panama v Tunisia (G) Saransk 00.30am
Saturday June 30 1C v 2D (Match 50) Kazan 8.30pm
Sunday July 1 1A v 2B (Match 49) Sochi 00.30am
Sunday July 1 1B v 2A (Match 51) Moscow 8.30pm
Monday July 2 1D v 2C (Match 52) Nizhny Novgorod 00.30am
Monday July 2 1E v 2F (Match 53) Samara 8.30pm
Tuesday July 3 1G v 2H (Match 54) Rostov-on-Don 00.30am
Tuesday July 3 1F v 2E (Match 55) St Petersburg 8.30pm
Wednesday July 4 1H v 2G (Match 56) Moscow (Spartak) 00.30am
Friday, July 6 Winner 49 v winner 50 (57) Nizhny Novgorod 8.30pm
Saturday, July 7 Winner 53 v winner 54 (58) Kazan 00.30am
Saturday, July 7 Winner 55 v winner 56 (60) Samara 8.30pm
Sunday, July 8 Winner 51 v winner 52 (59) Sochi 00.30am
Wednesday, July 11 Winner 57 v winner 58 St Petersburg 00.30am
Wednesday, July 11 Winner 59 v winner 60 Moscow (Luzhniki) 00.30am
Saturday, July 14 Losers of two semi-finals St Petersburg 8.30pm
Sunday, July 15 Winners of two-semi-finals Moscow (Luzhniki) 9.30pm

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